EDVC Relay for Life Scrimmage



**Location TBD 2 weeks before the tournament within 2 hours of Denver.

14U Regional Select


*Requires Overnight Hotel Stay. **Location TBD 2 weeks before the tournament within 2 hours of Denver.

16U Regional Plus


*Requires Overnight Hotel Stay. **Location TBD 2 weeks before the tournament within 2 hours of Denver.

17U Travel Elite



*Requires Overnight Hotel Stay. **Location TBD 2 weeks before the tournament within 2 hours of Denver.


Players attend an open tryout to consisting of physical testing, skill testing and game situations. Each age division tryout will be different based on needs and number of athletes trying out. Coaches will evaluate during tryouts. Naturally, the better your skills are, the higher probability of your selection. Please know that skill is not the only factor considered by a particular coach. Each team needs to be balanced in all positions, so the POSITION that you play, or look able to play, may be a factor. If you are the third best player at tryouts, and also the third best setter, you may not be selected unless the coach feels that he/she can easily train you into another position. Some coaches may factor in general athleticism and movement on the court. For others, attitude and team focus as well as a clear enthusiasm for volleyball are an important part of the equation. In all cases, the coaches will consider you not just on your own but as part of the team they are creating as they go through the selection process. Tryouts are a learning experience. Attend several tryouts or clinics to increase your comfort with the process. At any tryout, we like when players are loud, have a positive energy and show great hustle during. We look for a positive attitude and passion for the sport.

Register for Tryouts

Players are encouraged to check in 30 min before their tryout time begins. Check-in includes: Turning in all forms and payment. Receive a tryout number. Pose for photo to be taken of your player with their number. NOTE: Player MUST bring important forms! (All of these can be found on our website on the registration page.) Tryouts will last two hours and will involve many different volleyball drills. We do our best to make the tryout process easy for your athlete so they can have a clear mind when stepping on the court. We are sensitive to each of the players’ feeling and attitudes and have them in mind at all times.

No. We have learned the players perform better without the pressure of parents or guardians watching.

Yes! Each girl has an equal opportunity to make a team. Bottom line…if your daughter deserves to make a team, she will.

Tryout registration payment of $40 is due at the door. We accept cash or checks made out to East Denver Volleyball Club. The $40 Non Refundable tryout fee covers the cost of the court and staff fees. There is no cost to pre-register online.

No. Offers will be emailed after tryouts. Generally offers are emailed within 24 hours. As much as our selection process is about the individual player, it is about the team as a whole and we need as much time as we can to evaluate players.

An “Offer” is the term for when a EDVC coach invites a tryout player to be a part of one of the EDVC teams. When an athlete receives an Offer from one of our EDVC staff it is because they feel she would be a great addition to our club and that select team. Our hope is that you let us know as soon as possible if you are accepting. This allows our coaching staff to make necessary decisions going forward. Player can accept the offer immediately via email or she can wait until the first commitment day listed on the offer. Clubs must hold an offer open to a player to join a particular team in the club or the club in general until the respective age group signing date. Players may voluntarily commit to a club at any time following the club’s tryouts. For tryouts held just before or after the signing date, clubs should give a minimum waiting period of five days before requiring a player to commit to their club. After the waiting period expires the club can recent the offer and offer the spot to another player.

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